A Beautiful Mess

The autumn leaves rustled in the December breeze. The dewy grass ran between my toes giving me mental peace. Standing tall, hands wrapped around her arms, She was more than just charm, Her beauty lies in her eyes, Her charm hides in disguise. Just as a rising sun brings bliss, Such is her presence, you […]

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Smile, I’ll Fall For You

Sometimes I wonder why unpredictable things surprise us. Like someone’s smile make us skip a beat, a wink can give us flushed cheeks, and a touch can send us a shrill. SMILE, I’LL FALL FOR YOU is one such 18-line sonnet that I felt watching someone for a brief moment of time. Hope you find the emotions bring the complete scenario right in front of your eyes. Comment, Like and Share if you loved reading it as much as I did writing it down.

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