Be a Root, Not a Flower | The Scribbled Writings

In life, there are moments so severe, so absolute, in our workplace or in personal relationships that you can’t be in the limelight of every single good thing that you aim to do. You can’t have the credit of the thought which you might have triggered to someone / for something. At times, you have…

Her ‘Free’dom

The photographer lived her life carefree! Read ahead how is she described!

“My Life’s spun in a web, What’s yours?”

An early August Sunday morning on alarm bells, I was up before everyone else. Took the bike keys swiveling around my fingers, Zipped the windcheater without any linger. Scooted over to the nearest lake shivering. The windcheater couldn’t cheat those razor-sharp raindrops, I was shuddering. With blinding sight, I made it safe to the place….

The Dichotomy of Love

As she stood there, with her comely lined mascara eyes, That appealed from one to infinity, He started to have biased feelings. A feeling of insecurity without her, A feeling of envy, that scorched him. A feeling of amour, he still yearned for. He hated this ambiguous feeling for eternity. Like an irritation after a…