Her ‘Free’dom

The photographer lived her life carefree! Read ahead how is she described!

Inexplicable Words of a Soldier

The inexplicable words of a soldier. Followed by Dylan Thomas famous lines:
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

“My Life’s spun in a web, What’s yours?”

An early August Sunday morning on alarm bells, I was up before everyone else. Took the bike keys swiveling around my fingers, Zipped the windcheater without any linger. Scooted over to the nearest lake shivering. The windcheater couldn’t cheat those razor-sharp raindrops, I was shuddering. With blinding sight, I made it safe to the place….

Unveiling the true beauty

Beauty was defined not by the way you look, I shrugged off, uttering these words ogling from the nook.

The embryonic onset of Her! – “Seriously”

The dry ambience was filling with some water droplets and the air was replenishing with some moisture thereby making the wind around it cool. The leaves on the distant tree looked as if they were swaying gracefully like a trained graceful dancer. The air near me chanted her name and I grabbed my warm arms,…