Microtale on Presence

There are some people in our lives we binge on. And at the need of hour, it’s not their physical presence that appeases our soul, but just the thought of them makes us feel happy.

Microtale on Choices | The Scribbled Writings

We might have the right to make choices for ourselves but we definitely do not have the right to do that for someone else. Choice isn’t gender biased just as feminism. A concept that is unanimously misunderstood.

Microtale on Shooting Stars | The Scribbled Writings

How easily we spell a wish whenever we catch sight of a shooting star, don’t we? Shalu spills a few words on how shooting stars are not wish granters, but they are souls who are already broken wanting to be back where they belong. Shalu for The Scribbled Writings. Comment if you could relate it…

Microtale on Life | The Scribbled Writings

And then life happened in between. Sometimes we think of going back to our past and undo the wrong path taken bringing our lives back on track. Life is a one way trip where you got to make up for something lost. Keerthana writes a musing for The Scribbled Writings. From faking a cry to…