In Search of Me | The Scribbled Writings

Karthik pulls the emergency chain of the train to save Ananya. He assures her, finds her with a bottle of water, a train ticket from Rameswaram. On seeing the ticket, Karthik has a train of thoughts. Read more on what is fate wanting from Karthik. Is Karthik helping Ananya or is he on a quest to find himself?

Part Ways, Merge Again?

/ part ways, merge again / Will you skip a heartbeat when you see me, Miles away physically, can you still hear me? Wish things were the same, Been months, since I’ve heard my name. Hurt persists in the midnight rain, In that silent moment resides pain. Every thought of you brings a smile, Absence…

Shravya + Vishal: Timeless Love

Vishal and Shravya were meeting each other after a long time. But will they be able to meet and greet after that huge gap?

A Woman’s Battle | The Scribbled Writings

Every woman is an influencer who battle out their challenges every single day – personally, socially at work and inside the concrete walls of so called house. You are the change with immense power and responsibility.