Giving Back

Ever wondered what is it like
To give back with a soulful smile?

Just give it a start,
And witness the difference it makes to your heart.

On a hot sunny day hike,
A tree’s shade brings back life,

Without expectations, no strings attached, she stood tall,
And stopped all the light crawling on me, I liked her gall,

Watching her leaves rustle through the wind,
She peeked at me to boggle my mind,

I asked, “Why do you give your shade all day long?
When most we humans do is hurt you and go wrong.”

She chuckled,
And responded,

Your father planted these seeds of mine,
Nurtured for a decade, to reap the fruits over time.

Sometimes all it takes is an effort,
That will convert,

Giving the money you can spare,
To someone whose life can repair,

Letting someone tell their story,
And help them share their lonesome worry,

Helping someone struggle with difficult feelings,
Who is trying hard to find some healings,

Making that apology you owe to every one,
Forgiving those who wronged you once,

Holding that hand when vulnerable,
Letting them know they are valueable,

Giving full attention to the one in front of you,
And delve into every conversation as it’s new,

Give anything with a full heart,
That is what I want to share through my art.


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Cover Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

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