Words Become Musings

What did you do
in a second or two?

That firm gaze,
set my heart ablaze

When you spoke words with me,
it passed like a gusting breeze,

And in that gaze,
I wished to fling my arms, wrap you in embrace

And lean in, close my eyes, to plant a gentle kiss,
and inhale your fragrance of sandalwood, ah a bliss.

Your smile teased it’s way from the lips,
forever, I wish to taste the memory of us in small sips,

The grains of hot sand slip through the hourglass,
but I don’t want to come of this dream, so fast.

Can we stay together in an infinite time loop,
holding hands, travel this world in our red coupe?

As the beam of sunlight kiss my face,
on your soul-stirring picture, my fingers trace,

Dwelling on your thoughts, I invite,
words that become musings as I write.


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Cover Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

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