Solo Exploration to Cupa Sea Cave – South Goa

Being passionate and adventurous to explore the unexplored will take you to places that bring you solace. And I am glad I did take that step when I heard about a sea cave in South Goa. Yes, you heard it right!

Located on the southern tip of Canacona is this beautiful village named Loliem. Here is where you will find the sea cave named ‘Cupa’.

It was a Friday afternoon. I packed my bags and rushed from Rainbow Lining Hostel, Palolem (must stay if you want affordable stays) to visit this sea cave.

Driving the rented scooter in a “Goan Susegad Style” I reached the location as guided by Google Maps(really you are a savior). If you are planning to visit this pristine place, expect some rough patches in your quest.

Google Maps Direction to Cupa Sea Cave

In the last 4 minutes of your destination, you will come across a huge gate from where Google Maps will guide you to take left. And trust me, the left looked treacherously scary.

Which is when I heard this call, “Hey you, stop right there!” Two men guarding the place suggested me to not take the left. And he advised a few others who had tried visiting the sea cave, but got lost mid way.

Dejected, I tried to convince the men saying I had come all the way from Mumbai to visit the Cupa sea cave. I asked him if he can send someone to guide me.

Guess what? He agreed. Not on the same day, but advised me to visit the next day at 8 AM. Hope and trust were the only two things acted as the bridge to my destination.

It was 8:45 AM of Saturday. I reached the entrance of the huge barren property and called the men who guarded that place. The man who promised me a guide called a person who led us to the sea cave.

Well the huge gate or the entrance happens to be a private property where trespassing isn’t allowed. And the treacherous left road needed better guidance (this is my assumption, since I didn’t take that route).

To reach this beautiful Cupa sea cave, you have to hike for 25-30 minutes through flatlands and rocky patches. It is advisable to hike early morning between 8-10 AM to avoid the heatwaves. I visited this place in February 2021. So accordingly as per the weather you can take your call. 

The moment I visited Cupa Sea Cave, it was really solace. Soul-stirringly beautiful and my words really won’t do justice to describe the beauty of this place. Blue waves hitting the sharp black rocks while you walk on colorful pebbles with a spine-chilling cool breeze. 

Inside the 90-metre Cupa Sea Cave you could hear bats squeaking and the waves gushing on the rocks that create a resounding echo. I wanted to reach the other end of the sea cave (for which you need to climb some rocks – so be careful).

However, I couldn’t succeed, nevertheless the sun was scorching. But to be honest, it was a great experience and I strongly suggest you who are reading this trip should definitely visit. And while heading back I handed Rs. 50 to the guide for his time and help.

To end this note, stay determined and don’t lose hope. Try to communicate, bargain and you will definitely visit Cupa Sea Cave in Loliem. Had I not been adamant in a good way, I would have definitely missed this beauty of a place in South Goa.

On a positive note, let me show you some pictures of the hike and the video. If you liked it, kindly subscribe and share!

If you want any help on how to reach this place – directly message me on Instagram at @karthikpillaiphotography or on Facebook.

Always happy to help fellow wanderlusts!


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