My Words Will Surround

Reminiscing our days,
Under the bright skies, a million stars we trace,

I feel alive with you,
Like two souls in skew,

Connected magically,
Sending me goosebumps intermittently,

Somedays you are lost,
In the sands of time,

Somedays you are my angel,
Guiding my life like a magical spell.

Words fall short to describe what we share,
I know you know this too, our relationship is rare.

Uncompromised, Unfettered,
Remembering your face, I pen another letter,

A letter for you to rejoice,
When your mind is filled with all the chaotic noise,

The words will bring a fleeting scar on your face,
Of a dimple turning into a blush, I love to trace.

When the world ends, and I won’t be around,
My words will surround,

You and your universe,
In every word, syllable and verse.


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