The Reason

This musing on ‘The Reason’ is contributed by one of our writers – Dr. Shivani Datta!
Tell me a reason why you love me, a question you may have encountered. Hope you connect with this piece!

You asked me why I liked you
I thought that it was crystal clear,
How intoxicated I become
Whenever you were near me!
You know me more than anyone,
We may have shared a life before
Some might talk of soul mates,
But we surely know something more.. Surreal Intimacy!!
Certain thoughts that we share,
We meet each other in our minds
And waltz together there,
You make me see things differently
And feel so deeply from my heart,
And oh how I feel you still
Whenever we’re apart!
I see you when my eyes are closed,
That’s really no surprise
But baby when I look at you,
You’re music to my eyes

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