Do You Connect With My Art?

This post is for YOU – all the 500+ close friends and family, 500+ email subscribers, and the 10,000+ internet followers who connect with The Scribbled Writings across social media.

I haven’t appreciated you guys for the precious time you spend reading the hundred thousand words that I relentlessly spill. Your time, efforts and words are a direct indication of how my writings impact you or make you feel.

Only a few days ago, I read this wonderful book by Elizabeth Gilbert named “Big Magic”. Elizabeth expresses in her book:

We all are walking repositories of buried treasures – with so much experiences, learnings, to be manifested in some form of art – writing, painting, music and may be just by talking.

Marvelous ideas are looking for human collaborators – Ideas are everywhere around us and they are actively looking for some human beings to manifest them and bring them to life in this world. Simplifying it further, when you feel something, just document it. May be you won’t find a finished product at that time, however, you may ponder over it later and make it better. But you have to commit to the idea, it is like a relationship that you share with them. Nurture, love, care and nourish to bring them to life. If you don’t bother, the idea may just vanish in the thin air, just like a dream.

I have been writing for a few years now. After experiencing some good ideas, experiences, serendipitous situations around me, I have always taken the pen to bring it to life. And present in a way, everyone reading it could experience.

Even during a writer’s block, or whenever an idea leaves me, I leave my writing aside and switch to writing something else. I try to allow the idea to come back to me. Just like a relationship – nurture and nourish. If you don’t, it loses interest in you.

However, I have enjoyed the process – the struggle just gets better and better, because I love the process of solving them, rather than dwelling into them.

Candid comments from few kind readers!

This is a space where I get to connect with different people, innovative ideas and express my thoughts through my writings. My process of creative writing boils down to three important things:

  • People Watching
  • Writing Experiences
  • Dreaming & Listening

And in each of this process, I try to convey a central message – an emotion, a moral, by creating fictional characters and allowing you to connect with the characters. There is a lot of time invested in reading, writing, and being neutral to deriving a critique and then publishing and sharing it with you to assess a feedback.

Your patience in awaiting for the next successive parts of the short story series (e.g. The Goregaon Girl, and Vishal and Shravya) is commendable. I couldn’t ask for anything more than a patience reader like YOU.

Besides, I receive words like, “We know what a Karthik’s write-up is and which is not and we are always looking forward to the content you produce, because we connect with what you express”. I really feel connected with such empowering words that you shower!

I really want to take a moment to connect with you and share deeply the way your words impact me. And in the course of time, I will ensure I resonate the same emotions in my writings, growing better with every single write-up!

If you are new to The Scribbled Writings, or a returning reader, I would like to ask you,
Do you connect with my art? If yes, would you feel free to rate my writings and share a word what connects you with my writings. If no, I am open to hear things that can be improved 🙂

Until next time, stay safe, strong, and kind!

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