Unleash Your Demons

And someday, when I’ll be stronger than the demons at the back of my mind
I’ll unleash them,

I’ll unleash them and tell them they lost and I won
I conquered them before they consumed me.

I tamed the monsters that once lived under my bed,
They now live beside me on my bed.

I erased the dark shadow casting over my happiness,
And now it shadows me from my fears.

I embraced the fears that once held me back,
They now push me into new wonders of my own.

I accepted my imperfections and scars,
They now add beauty to my flaws.

I adopted the wild beasts ripping my soul apart
Now they guard me against the wrongdoings.

I welcomed my insecurities into my living room
They now help me become a better me.

I planted saplings of self-love inside me
And nourished them, till the weeds of hatred burnt themselves.

Someday soon, when I’ll be stronger than most of my demons,
I’ll unleash them, make them sit and tell them

That they lost and I won
Someday soon.

Till then, I resume my fight and just hope that
I conquer them before they consume me.

– Shreya

22 thoughts on “Unleash Your Demons

  1. I hope that this poem gives hope to the one who feels that he/she lost the battle with him/herself. Keep the good work going. Keep mesmerizing everyone with your poem. Great job!! Well done!!

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