Time, Thought and Rhyme

Do you ever absently gaze at the wall,
Slipping into a train of unwilling thoughts & make you stall?

I do, many a time,
And end up writing it in a rhyme.

Do you ever feel stuck,
In an everlasting Deja Vu rut?

Recalling a bittersweet time of your life,
Experiencing an excruciating pain of a steady piercing knife?

Some part of my heart,
Inadvertently begins to push hard,

Yearning to give life to this spark of loneliness,
Trying to bring me out from my very own mess.

I purse my lips tight with emotions,
Feeling blurting them out would be treated without notion.

In this chaos, what’s right – to speak or stay silent?
Or caress my mind that is violent?

Why is this void and perpetual dissonance?
Is it my sheer abhorrence or just another evanescence?


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