Live Life, Every Breath

Do you ever fear death?
Trying to live every breath?

I ask this, my dear,
Just set your heart free, I’ll hear.

Give me a sign,
I’ll show, you are worth more than a dime.

If you are starting to break,
Don’t think that your life is at stake.

Never let time take the life from you,
Don’t take infinite dreams to the grave with you.

If positive thoughts don’t encourage you,
Let there be some expression that cheer you

Rage, whine,

Talk your mental block,
At any time of the clock.

Don’t sink in fear,
Its time for you to steer,

Open your arms,
Take life head-on,

Gravitate on the solutions,
Don’t levitate on the challenges.

Take a moment of pause,
Think about the calm after chaos.

Unlearn things about success and failure,
Beyond rule books and change your behavior

Don’t take this life for granted,
Accomplish everything that you ever wanted,

Still afraid you may lose sight?
Remember, you are Achilles, and this is your fight.

Don’t you ever fear death,
Live your life every breath.


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