What’s Your Choice

The choice is ours
To consider this as doom,
Or a reason to bloom?

We may be young or old,
But we need to be strong and bold,
Against any enemy untold
Because life unfolds…

Running along with the herd,
And being busy in our little world,
We stopped caring about our beautiful universe,
While only chasing for all its material wealth and the so-called possessions,
Without any conscious pause,
To reflect on the choices made and the kind of legacy being laid,
For the generations ahead.

A carefree life,
Of wandering around the streets and our loved ones by our side,
Now seems to be long missing from our lives.

We no more can go to malls,
Nor can we go to waterfalls
Only confined to these four walls.

And while we continue to be caged,
Many other lives take advantage,
The birds sing louder, and the animals rejoice, for a change.

I sometimes wonder, is it really just a pandemic?
Or a human blunder?
From disrespecting or making fun of our human counterpart
To the endless heinous crime scenes of killing innocent lives,
And the collective human actions that cause loss of earth’s natural life

Only to rise,
To being the real and only threat to the universe.

The planet, for long, kept quiet, only witnessing the circus of mankind.
Only about time, that we pay back for playing at the cost of other lives.

But despite all the negative vibes,
The disease killing a million lives,
Causing havoc for days and night,

We still have a choice,
To look for the silver lining that’s present at all times,
To attract the abundance of life,
To be grateful for having a healthy body and mind,
For our loved ones, always by our side.
For the true essence of life.
And this, is the only choice that will decide our future lives.

Take a moment and reflect on your inner beings,
That’s the only source of positivity when surrounded with uncertainty,

Embrace the life within, I sincerely urge.
That’s the real world we all were seeking but in the outward direction.
For this, will never disappoint you even when the crisis hit hard.

So, the choice is ours,
To consider this as doom, or a reason to bloom.


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