So, What Next?

Traveling to an eccentric place and there is a rush of thoughts about life and you start retrospecting. Does this happen to you?

All of us have dreams and life goals. Some take a calculated approach, while some just go with the flow – taking life one moment at a time. Either way, we know what is right for our own life. We all have these thoughts coming back to us in some or the other way, right?

So did I, as I clicked the picture above. I was drowning deeply in the thoughts of my life, sitting on a wooden bench inside this beautiful hut-shaped watchtower of Poovar’s Estuary Island. The place was beyond any definition of being stated as beautiful.

A lit bit about my story

I was thinking about the blows and lows of my life. Besides, my efforts that coupled with time had led me to this phase of my life. Never did I imagine that I would turn out to be a writer. I had become a writer by profession – a profession that was not mentally processed by my heart and soul five years ago. I always looked upon engineering as my piece of bread and butter.

It did not mean that I had not thought about writing. I was practicing – writing experiences, short stories without having the idea that I was building credible work. With some initial thoughts with creative writing, my other dream was to write a book whenever I penned short stories. (Just like every other writer’s dream).

Moments turned into days and then into years. Challenges coupled like a deck of cards, with circumstances shaped like a hairpin and decisions had to be taken to keep in mind that was best suited for me. I explored opportunities just to get selected at a place for the craft that I had been learning unconsciously. It had become my primary source of income. Writer – As I type this word on the wide 15-inch white screen, I have a small grin across my face.

All these faint thoughts established within my mind, the day I clicked this picture.

A little bit about your story

In the calm, soothing evening, do you ever get such thoughts about your past? When the air becomes a little heavier, carrying some of your unaccomplished dreams? Some of which you could do nothing about but just exhale as a breath of your past. Whenever we think about taking a step towards our dream, the road untraveled, there are a lot of questions that we need answers –

– Who are you? 
– Where is your life in 5 years time?
– Are you happy with yourself?

During such times, if you have the slightest doubt, don’t take the decision. Take some time to get down to the basics. Understand what do you want to, where do you want to be and how do you want to navigate your life. Challenges are bound to stay, making your dream difficult to achieve. In these darkest times of your life, your heart and soul consent decisions will be the ray of light that will go ahead to shine the brightest.

A little bit about others in your story

Sometimes at every critical juncture of your life, parents, siblings, and loved ones introspect you with this question –

“So, what next? Where are you headed in your life?”

They ask this because they are being thoughtful and care about you. But I also understand you, the question is too philosophical and practical to be answered. So here it is:

Go with the gut feeling. Go where you feel most alive. Nothing else matters. The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.


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