Not Emotionless

As I stepped inside the fort,
A nostalgia spiked through my body,
As if it were filled,
With some memories & secrets.

The structure with its own history,
Had deeper secrets untold,
Trapped and untapped,
From every visitor, it embraced.

The voice echoed within the fort,
As if it was strangled,
Gripped from within.
Unable to seek help.

Waiting for someone,
To annihilate the demon.
With every step, I made inside the fort,
The clamoring voice aggravated.

It was just another day,
Where I stumbled,
Mumbled and whispered,
To speak what’s within my heart.

Why don’t you speak and share?
Were the words that brought,
My wandering thoughts to a standstill.
Little did anyone know about the struggle.

My failure to recognize,
My lacking of emotional vocabulary,
My unawareness to the signposts.
I look at them with stoic,
And answer, “Nothing, I’m fine.

12 thoughts on “Not Emotionless

  1. And yet a “How are you” from the right person would tear these walls down. Well written Karthik .This is a voice we often suppress trying to live our perfect lives.

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