My Other Life As A Hodophile Lensman

Every time there is a crisis in my life or I feel an intense and irresistible desire for freedom, I pack my bag for a travel journey.

With photography as my elixir, I navigate the uncharted territories, wander through the tangled forests, enjoy the touch of the sharp blades of the meadows, hear the melodic rustling of the leaves, the divine music of nature – the river flowing, breathing words, writing notes and clicking pictures of everything that I find beauty in.

For me, travel and photography teaches a lot about human qualities such as patience.

Both traveling and photography takes time and efforts; to reach the summit, to click the best picture – just the same way it takes time to succeed in life. And most importantly, it stirs the most important lesson – to enjoy the process, the journey.

The habit of clicking pictures and saving it as a memory has become a hobby, and now, the avocation of my life.

I truly believe, hobbies are the missing dots in your life that allow you to explore, connect and bring you the true self of who you are.

Do you remember the euphoria of the experience after you’ve climbed a mountain? Curling up in a warm spot just to watch the eternal mountains?

Climbing a mountain is an emotion – the continuous grind, the gasp for breath, the glee of reaching the mountain top and witnessing a picturesque view. We retribute the reverence and true beauty of Mother Nature just when we take the efforts to reach towards her and watch it bloom through our eyes.

We realize the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired. At the same time, we wonder how little of this vast world we have experienced. Think about how many lifetimes would it take for you to visit all the places you have dreamed of?

But after every trail, every adventure, this is what I look forward to – Climb more mountains, watch countless sunrises and sunsets, feel the chilling breeze near the beach, bring back memories not just on your mobile phones, but also in your soul.

Life is meaningful only if you learn how to live it and understand the true purpose of your existence and how you can express it through the responsibility bestowed upon you.

If you want to read one of my travelogues, click on the image below:

– Karthik

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