Between You & Me

My life is filled with ups and downs, just like yours. And there have been instances where I might have left you alone in a situation. A juncture of life, where you needed someone the most. Moments where I haven’t spoken for days or maybe, months. But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten you.

You are a part of me. An experience, a habit that I have shared with you, that has become a part of my very existence.

For all the people who have been a part of my real and digital life, this is a constant reminder – who you are to me.

You are my prayer,
A constant reminder of hope,
You are the unsung song,

I whisper the lyrics all to myself,
You are my midnight musings,
I want to write,
You are my word spell,

Locked inside my chest,
I cannot speak.
You are my shade on burning days,
You are my favorite laugh, my favorite voice,
A smile in my heart.
You are, my GOOD DAY.


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