Unparalleled Love

It’s a girl,
Were the doctor’s words, her lips unfurled.

When you were born,
It was a new dawn.

Your shrill cry,
Was happiness to my eye.

Fit perfectly within my elbow,
Dark brown eyes with vermilion cheeks glow.

It was a dream come true,
Dreamt since I was twenty-two.

Soft fingers wanting to be caressed,
With their touch making me de-stressed.

Your presence was a bliss,
Feet meant to be kissed.

My heart filled with pride,
I’m sure you’ll make my life a joyride.

From bike rides to mountain climb,
You will learn it and be the only dime.

Embracing failures on one hand
And successes on the other.

As a father this would be my only goal,
To make you an independent soul.


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9 thoughts on “Unparalleled Love

    1. That’s amazingly written buddy.. Being loved immensely by my Father this Daddy’s little princess had related to the emotion closely.. (Corrections made) 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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