My Bad Day Turns Fruitful For Him

As I am writing this piece, I couldn’t figure out what an apt title would be. Well, read on to know more about what is the best fit, according to your perspective.

That Monday morning was blue, at least for me. What is the probability of you turning up at work after completing urgent government paperwork? Facepalm, right?

I was visiting the local Tahsildar office for the inquiry of a government certificate. As expected, government officials were beating around the bushes. The thought of having certain important information online would ease working citizens tripped my feet as I took the stairs of the 3-storeyed government building.

After wandering for the right department, I ended up completing 1500 steps on my Redmi Band 4. Just to contemplate that the certificate could be gained by filing a case in the court. Damn! I wish I had known that earlier. This is what I would have saved – time, fuel, a good kick start for the week and probably saved the environment with fewer carbon emissions.

I ask this again,”Have you had the worst day?”

Three hours of struggling with the certificate inquiry at a government building, I raced my decade-old Avenger 220 back to office. Chose “Work” under the destination tab of Google Maps just to realize 1.5 hours of travel was yet to be made.

“Huh!”, I puffed and exhaled my breath out in aversion of having a bad start to the day. Traversing through 2 km of my journey, the clutch of my bike suddenly jerked to bring the vehicle to a standstill.

The sun shone brightly exactly above my head and I realized it was around 1:30 PM in the afternoon.

To ignite the bike, I pressed the self-start. No response. Tried again. Failed.

Tried multiple times just to get the same result. And the worst part of the break down was it happened on the high way, my bike being the showstopper of the entire traffic jam.

Unavoidably, my patience was put to test. I reiterate, because, my bike was serviced just two days ago. Well, I got down from the bike, pushed the 150 kg bare metal towards the exit to find a mechanic.

Drops of sweat chartered my contours to jump off and attempt a suicide. After walking past multiple mechanic shops, one person tried his experience to fix my bike. I mentioned about the self-start being non-functional.

The mechanic tried his luck by checking the battery source, the self-start buttons, the ignition spark plug and resolve my vehicle’s problem. Just as a doctor diagnoses and rules out the option of a disease, he checked every single attempt of what might have gone wrong with the ignition.

However, all went in vain. He called his partner to push the bike faster so that he could use the self-start when the vehicle is in motion. After multiple attempts, my bike responded. The mechanic increased the engine speed and told me to see the next mechanic where he could fix the problem (subtly mentioning about the ignition spark plug).

I really did ensured the bike did not stop for the next 8 km and switched off the ignition right at the doorstep of the mechanic shop. Now here is the fruitful part of the story. The earlier was the first part of a bad day, adding my Monday morning struggle.

This mechanic looked a novice by his looks. His face had a look of a different opinion for decision making. I mentioned him the issue of the self-start being non-functional. He riveted through the entire bike right from the handle through the battery to the silencer. He raced inside the shop to find an ignition starter, a battery back-up. All the things were functional.

I pointed him to the button where I had suspected the fault, in my opinion. He looked as if he scanned the interior of the button. With a feeling of dejection, a bad start of the day along with not being able to get to work for the second half of the day had pestered me till now.

As I was screening through the roads standstill with the clamor of the vehicles and waiting for the signal to turn green, a two-wheeler vehicle with a pillion rider stopped right outside the mechanic shop.

The signal was crimson cheeked in red for 180 seconds. The mechanic was concentrated in fixing the bike’s ignition issue. Just like an 1980s movie, a Yamaha CD-100 with a clinking sound stopped past me. The pillion rider removed his helmet not less than a Grand Prix driver.

Moments later his eyes were fixated on the mechanic’s work. He whispered something in a unknown jargon with the mechanic. With quick chats exchanged, in moments, the pillion rider reached out for his wallet, swagged a visiting card to the mechanic. This is what my ears could register,

“We have a lot of work and I pay extra for additional hours!”

The moment the signal turned green, that CD-100 took off in a split second, leaving the trail of smoke just to be noticed.

“What was it all about”, my inquisitive mind asked the mechanic.

“I think, I pulled off a new job, Sirjee”, he exclaimed.

“Really? I asked in reassurance, for which he nodded his over-optimistic head.

Indeed, in a few minutes, the mechanic fixed my bike’s ignition just by adding an extra wire. And I reached home to start my work late in the afternoon. Definitely a bad start for the week, but was it really?

Some days, you have to be in certain places with a positive outlook to rise up to a new challenge, every single day. It is certain that you will not accomplish the task, but there is indeed a learning. I did.

Sometimes life may throw things that may be unfavorable. Situations might just amplify to get worse.

Your patience will be tested. But losing the nerve might just aggravate the situation.

Rather look on the positive side of the situation. Your patience just upped by a certain percentage. And you are dealing with novel challenges with a better composed mind.

Guess who got recruited. The mechanic who fixed my bike got a better paying job. He still considers him as his talisman. Till date, we catch up for a quick routine check of my bike, sipping a cup of chai talking about acquaintances and changing moments.

As I end this, I would like to reiterate the title –

My Bad Day Turns Fruitful For Him
Bad Days Make You A Talisman

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