Be My Jedi Force

In the calm night,
Crickets clamored as if they were in a fight,

A ricochet of silence,
Brought by darkness, as I close my pair of lens

The midnight breeze sent a chill,
In the distant tree, the bats celebrated their first kill,

I wondered, I pondered,
About the things I blundered.

Can we go back in time
To undo an error so prime?

Bring someone back to life,
Placate my soul that is in strife.

A reason for my beating heart,
Lost in pint-sized memories that tear apart,

Eyes that long for you,
A touch pulsating my heart cuckoo,

Fighting with the voices in my head,
Losing a battle everyday, I dread,

Just remind me who I’m once,
Put me back onto the race,

Wake me up from this bad dream forever,
Be my Jedi force and bind myself together.


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