You Are My Shooting Star

Dreaming about you since last week,
Remembering old memories when I’m weak,

Sometimes wetting my pillow with tears,
Trickling down my eyes, tracing till my ears,

The more I think, it grows,
But you don’t live without breath, you know,

Every word I write ends on the thought of you,
Hoping that you might ask, is this one about me,

I’m here, quarantined, with the thoughts of you,
That fuel my pen and zeroing the distance a few,

Watching the sun fade behind the mountains dark,
Dancing together watching the moonlight and the stars,

I quietly breathe thinking are we shooting stars,
Moving at light speed, eventually dying, giving hope to others’ dreams,

I smile and peck your cheek,
Parting a lifetime scar, a dimple on your cheek,

In order or mess,
So that I reflect in your happiness.

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