Swimming back to my black and white images and colorful ideas, I witnessed my gallery to find a picture of this bird flying high to its freedom. Flapping its wings at its comfort, it drifted and glided looking for its brunch on the gleamy pristine waters of Poovar feeling lost.

Somewhere I could relate it to us human beings who today soar across their small skies of dreams and hopes. Inhaling a bit of risk, we take our first step in anything majorly that we want to accomplish. However, we get lost as time progresses, losing interest, and the flare of inspiration. Such times will be hard, and life hits you hard right on your face.

At such crossroads, STOP.

LOOK how far have you come. And how long you have to go ahead. Break your vast goals into petty goals and track your growth with time. And make sure you have moments of celebration whenever you accomplish those short-term goals. And enjoy the process of life with challenges, victories with the dash of failure.

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