Souled Strangers

We may be strangers, well yes I agree,
Meeting each other virtually, it was a spree.

Unaware, unrecognized, so dope,
With a little positive feeling called hope,

I’ve told you this before,
Like a morning chore,

Your pictures with zillion emotions,
Are heart-throb, fired with happiness canon guns,

Spreading positive vibes,
In 4*4 frames, not sugar coated lies,

You are a stream of water body,
Self driven, carrying forward everybody,

There’s magic in your eyes, that you carry with pride,
Putting on a happy face, with every single stride,

Ears dangling with an unique crafted art,
Temple adorned with a subtle bindi enough to swoon someone off,

You are the muse to a writer,
A sheer heart filled with poetic ink.


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