I’m Equal

Amidst nature you get clarity,
About dreams & goals with parity.
Parity, yeah, let’s talk about that.
We’re in this together to beat the fact.

Equal we’ll are, from birth.
For every being I speak, on this earth.
Today we stand,
On this motherland,

Speaking for themselves,
Supporting each other in alms.
Whether in one piece,
Or in a burkha from head-to-toe waiting for peace.

The freedom to act,
Fighting for what’s wrong, let’s make a pact.
For what is right and wrong,
And revolutionize, not with a poem or a song,

With an anthem,
For your generation and next, be the change of momentum.
Don’t revoke, you are a bolt of lightning,
Taking your chances, fighting,

There will be moments of failure, embrace
After a dark night is a ray of light, it’s your race,
Crush down the ancient rule,
Of things you can and can’t, stay on the move.

Feed yourself with the failure fractures,
And inundated torments,
Your dreams that went in despair,
Hopes that wouldn’t repair,

Remember those moments,
And rise up from the ashes,
Like a phoenix,
Be the major twist.

You will bleed,
Of success and good deed.
To all the women, you can,
And you shall.


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