Dream catcher

Breathing up heavily, I peer up at the dream catcher above my bed. You completely warp my mind & I couldn’t get you out of my head.

There was something beyond words could describe in your eyes. My eyes locked with yours every time they traced something wonderful on your face. I love your twinkling eyes and sensuous smile.

All I wanted was to run my hands through your long sinewy hair. I want to reach up to you and tuck the piece of your hair behind the ear. I just want to draw you closer to me. I want you. I want all of you.

And whenever I think of this, my pulse race in response. You are overwhelming. Intoxicating. I liked it. I want to squeeze your hand in reassurance. All I want to do is grab your elbow, and stop you in your tracks.

I want to delve into your soul. My eyes intend to follow you every movement as you walked over to someone. Wrap you enthusiastically around my warmth for an infinite time.

– Karthik

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