The First Look, The First Time

Have you ever had a first time feeling – about the first look, the first time? I’ve experienced. The first time I saw you, well there were no bells ringing in my head or any music playing in the background.

But it was good. It was a face that I would never forget. One that inspires, and I wouldn’t mind getting up next to, someday. There was something shiny in those eyes that captivated me. Soothed my soul, poised my breath. A thought that provoked, if I ever do get that chance of waking up next to you, I would gladly do so, 5 minutes early. Allowing me to spend more time, looking at you. Watching those two to three strands of hair fall upon your forehead. As they fall, I rush my fingers to put it behind your ears or brush it off with a breeze of air directed right on your forehead. Looking into your eye and lean in for a peck on your lips. A quick one. Like something we have been doing for a long time, like something we would be doing for a very long time. Not the slow one, like there is no tomorrow. A quick one like there will be many such mornings everyday until we grow old and die in joy. It was a good feeling in the heart. Unrest tummy with butterflies hovering and hearts beating in sync faster. It was a pleasant feeling, as if I were looking at the hues of a gulmohar on a cold evening. A face that I could watch for a very long time.

– Karthik

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