Shravya + Vishal: The Nameless Bond

Shravya + Vishal: The Nameless Bond is the third part of the series

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An email conversation kindled a new thread in Vishal and Shravya’s lives. Just as the two started meeting each other every single day, their bond grew stronger. Vishal was a new character in Shravya’s non-fictional book. On the other, Vishal’s emails were flawless with Shravya’s proofreading. They had become a soul and shadow for each other in their professional and personal life. A strikingly beautiful aura of happiness spread in the little space of WeWork.

They attracted like true North and a bar of magnets to each other’s desk for a long time enough to be noticed. However, none could hardly confess the emotion they felt for each other. Was it true love, was it just a fling, or was it beyond love – it wasn’t clear. All they knew was the relationship was growing stronger and more profound.

Vishal and Shravya lived in a different world when they were together. The only sound aside from the keyboard clicking was pitter-patter of the footsteps approaching each other. Vishal experienced a knot that tied in his throat whenever Shravya approached her. Their quick meets ended in peaceful rhythmic conversations with laughter that came deep from the gut. And this continued till the workspace was calm and quiet in the dead of night.

There was something magical between the two with a ricochet of laughter. Certain moments were maddening the two of them. Those included conversations with the mirror while getting ready for work. Checking the phone obsessively between cups of coffee. A surge of happiness flushed across Shravya’s cheeks when Vishal’s text appeared on her phone. While Vishal’s fingers absentmindedly circled the rim of the coffee cup thinking about Shravya.

Vishal stole glances with a split second of silence whenever Shravya’s hair fell across the contours of her face. Watermelon colored lips parted a beautiful smile. Vishal’s heart thumped hard and heavy in his chest whenever he gazed into her olive-green eyes. Shravya was also playing the peekaboo glimpse game with Vishal. Watching his smooth and silky knobs of hair always fall on his strong boulder shoulder.

Was this road leading to the love of their lives? Or was it just a momentary phase blinding the light of the present?

To be continued…

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