The Haze Behind Happiness

She had the power to create an aura of happiness just as she stepped in. She was one of them who would love and live life and take everyone on the joyride.

Walking with calloused footsteps in such grace, she was easily identifiable. Whenever her fragrance would pass by anyone, the heart would flutter, skipping​ a beat and taking a breath away.

Her crimson cheeks would blush into a smile whenever honey-dipped words would fall from her lips. Her cheeks waxed with every word. Your eyes would fall off from hers as you try to gaze her; the glittering eyes had the magic to drift your​ mind away from the conversation. Her voice was so melodious that you could listen to her from dawn to dusk.

She would flaunt off her beauty just by a dash of Kohl and a Bindi on her temple. Her ponytail hair would fall off till her nape. Simplicity defined the way she carried herself.

In life, everyone wants someone who is as expressed as this lady above. Well, you do have that person right in front of you. She who held your hand when no one was around. She who listened to your heart out when your life was in an ebb. She who accepted your flaws and made you look perfect.

It’s just you have been looking around for someone else all the while. The real gem of your life is in front of you. Little did you understand about the pain behind her pearly teethed smile. The emotions that she locked tight behind the words. The days she would curl up, holding her knees to her chest in a mind-draining pain.

You have to unclear the haze in her life and be the reason for her happiness. That is where the key to your happiness resides.

– Karthik

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