Live Life Like Toddlers, Not Adults

Make your life easier by living it like a toddler than like an adult. Just try! You ask me why?

As we age, we learn from the world in so many ways that we shouldn’t feel; we shouldn’t follow our intuitions and inner compasses. Somehow we learn that trusting our own sense of being is wrong.

Of course, if we all walked around having temper tantrums and being erratic, the world would be a bit chaotic. Somewhere between the time of having tantrums to understanding emotions and the time of true self-actualization, we lose the natural sense of need that we’re born possessing. As adults, our natural reaction to a temper tantrum is to stop it because we prevent ourselves from feeling.

Perhaps everyone isn’t as lucky to have a deep spiritual connection with faraway lands, but we should all have the ability to be who we are and to feel without barriers. Think of the difference this would make in the world. The number of people who walk around battling mental illnesses would decrease dramatically merely because of the allotment of a genuinely free existence.

– Karthik

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