The Stories Wrinkles Tell

Sometimes in life, the best stories remain unheard. And you become better storytellers as you age with experience.

Indeed, these words are real. A 30-minute chat with this older man in the picture during the daily commute to my workplace filled my eyes with tears.

His stories were his own life experiences. From the day he was born, in a country ruled by the British Raj, to witnessing his family get divided in the name of religion parting away overnight with the formation of India and Pakistan. The stories of the Green revolution to having fed a thousand souls in the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

I sat with him, cold-hearted listening to his stories where I could barely feel myself having spent an hour with him. In those heart-filled conversations, I took a moment to ask,

“Sir, you have lived in India for almost 70 years. Do you have any advice for our generation?”

He smiled and said to me, “Yes. Be good to as many people as possible.”

His words reminisced for a long time to realize – he hadn’t just given me an advice. He had given me the first step that every single one of us is capable of making if we want to create a real, wholehearted impact on the world around us, right now.

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