Mumbai Locals Through My Lens

Being a passionate writer and photographer, Google Keep and mobile camera are the most used apps on my phone. My work invites interaction with different people. And whenever people hear that I’m from Mumbai, two things are the most heard responses – Mumbai Vadapav and the Local Trains. Well, if you have been to Mumbai, no doubt the first is the local budget food that you can see in every nook and corner of the Dream City. And the other, the lifeline of Mumbai transport for 7.5 million people in a population of 22.5 million.

As my ideal commute to work was by train, I thought of capturing the stories of Mumbai locals through my lens. But before that, just an ode to this city and what it feels to live in Mumbai.


For making me strong.
For making me courteous.
For giving me solace
For being my rocking arm.
For teaching me lessons, the hard way.
For teaching me about brotherhood.
For diversity.
For making me complacent.
For making me generous.
For making me adaptive.
For making me believe,
In love after despair,
In hope after discourage,
In optimism after pessimism,
Just as sunrise,
After the dark night.


A Mumbaikar waited for the local train on Bandra station when he was 25, going for his first day of work to Mumbai CST. He’s 50 today and heading towards the last day of his work post which he will be retired. The Mumbaikar looks at the local train for the last time as he gazes an incoming train. A plethora of memories and thoughts – from his first journey to his last as they flash in a time-lapse in front of his eyes. A nexus is ingrained between the Mumbai locals and the Mumbaikar. A feeling of oneness and integrity encapsulates him with the local trains of Mumbai.


Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps. 98% of Mumbaikars have an average daily travel time of 1.5-2 hours in local trains according to a research conducted by MMM (Meri Mumbai Mahaan) Foundation. This time helps them complete the sleep they have missed on, as a two-way commute will give them a spare time of more than 3 hours. So, hardworking people of Mumbai, sleep as long as the Mumbai local train rocks.


25,000 passengers have slipped/fell/jumped from Mumbai local trains in the last 10 years, according to an RTI report of 2015. With the government’s efforts, new trains with maximum passenger carriers have been initiated, what has drastically improved is the traveling skills of a Mumbaikar.


Surviving the overpopulated train journey – a regular day’s start for an ordinary Mumbaikar.


A picture of two men separated by class – First Class and Second Class, the two different compartments in the Mumbai local train.


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(DEPRESSION – 2/2) . Having feelings isn't a sign of weakness, it means we are human. We treat depression as a sign of weakness, like a character flaw and never seek help to get out from it. So was Robin – ashamed to tell anybody, keeping his condition a secret until he lost his breath. We are all unaware of depression, slowly suffering in silence. Depression is just danger lurking around the corner. It can deplete you, keep you isolated and make you struggle with insomnia. Putting a smile on your face and never telling a soul is what you might not want to follow. Sometimes words can't describe the devastation you feel. I had a sense of connection with Robin but never did I know he was in so much pain. It was shame and stigma behind the reason of silence. The World Health Organization reports that depression is the leading cause of sickness and disability in the world. Therapy, medication and treatment can cure depression. . Life is indeed beautiful! Sometimes it's a bit messy,and always unpredictable. Things will fall in place and it will all be OK when you have your support system. . I hope that if your burden gets too heavy, you'll ask for a hand, too. Don't hesitate, drop me a text and I'll try to hear you and heal you. Let's learn from Robin. . . #travel #instatravel #photooftheday #travelling #instatraveling #mytravelgram #travelgram #travelingram #wanderlust #traveler #natgeotravel #natgeolandscape #streetphotography #indiadiaries #vsco @oneplus_india #MumbaiLocals #mumbaikar #somumbai #mumbai_uncensored #everydaymumbai #_soimumbai #mymumbai #itz_mumbai #Mumbaikar #depression #writersnetwork #blackandwhite . . #ShotonOnePlus

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The bond between siblings for the window seat.

Well, do read a fictional story on this picture here – Depression


Unaware of destiny, he bid her the last goodbye.

Hope you enjoyed this journey of Mumbai locals through my lens.

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