Lose Yourself, To Find Yourself

You are meant to fall.
The fall will be the push.
The push to your journey towards change.
The change to find your voice.
The voice to tell yourself, who you are.
Are you lost? If yes, don’t ask why.

Why not? Embrace, because you’re lost, to meet new people.
People from whom you’ll learn.
Learn an experience why you were meant to meet them.
Meet, discover and explore the process.
The process towards your journey.
The journey of life, which is definitely not a straight line.
Not a line, but made of crisscross loops.
Loops making your life a journey.
A journey without a destination.

Life is lived in a mess.
The falling. The breaking.
The standing. The dusting off.
Your rebirth. Your transition. Your new beginning.
In all this, hold on to your dreams.
Real hard. This is what keeps you going.
So, be fearless. Chase your dreams.
Losing your way is how,
You will find Yourself.
Don’t ever STOP!


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