Find Your Obsession

Passion coupled with purpose is essential in all walks of our life. The desire and the reason need to be strong enough to keep you going.

It was a Saturday morning, and I had a photoshoot scheduled. A family portrait including a mother, father and their infant daughter. The location was indoor and outdoor to execute some of the shots I had in mind.

Soon after reaching the location, a few friends accompanied me to assist the photoshoot. The baby had its shower and was getting ready with the prettiest dresses. I had a little jealousy about the dresses she had (Little girls get to wear most of the beautiful dresses as they have a lot of options as compared to boys).

Pictures of the indoor shoot
Stills from the indoor shoot

After a lot of chaos, crankiness and compassion to get the best pictures, we succeeded with the indoor shoot. I looked at my watch and it was already 4:30 PM. I did not want to miss out on the opportunity of shooting the outdoor pictures during the golden hour of the day. So, I packed up and charged everyone to reach the location.

Still for outdoor shoot
Stills from Outdoor Shoot

I reached the place and witnessed the sun was dipping behind the mountains leading to a beautiful sunset. The location was a garden covered by a lush green turf filled with tiny droplets of evening dew. After completing planned shots, I felt so tired.

A lot of people had put immense efforts in completing the shoot with different pictures, poses, etc. As I stood there with my camera resting on my shoulder, I was witnessing a beautiful sunset, and the family of three delighted.

I eavesdropped the following conversation –  

“She is our trace of love,” the father pointed his eyes proudly at his daughter as his hands wrapped around his beloved wife.

The adorable one-year sunshine was struggling to stand on her feet, pushing the blades of the green grass. It seemed as if the green blades knew of the little child and turned itself into a plush soft carpet. As soon as she stood, the girl took a few steps.

I was witnessing the smile on her face, the delight in accomplishing a small yet great feat. Behind her were her parents, expressing the feeling of pride with happy tears. The scene created an aura of supreme happiness.

Waking up before everyone, heading out while it is still dark, and taking that incredible shot is what makes me obsessed.

Waking up early before the rest of the world, heading out when it’s still dark, when there’s no good visibility. Waiting for the light to unveil the whole world and capturing the moment. The happiness that reflected on their face, it was the obsession that still drives me – To be the person behind the lens, capturing pictures and creating memories for myself and everyone around me.

What’s your obsession? What drives you? Write your thoughts in the comment box below.


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