We all want one reason to get out of bed, be the best and taste success. And we want this every single day, don’t we? I hope this blog gives you one such reason of motivation – to be better, achieve your goals and succeed in life.

You Already Shoulder A Mountain

There are days when we all succumb to the mountain of responsibilities and emotions. With each job, relationship, dream and the amount of time left in this mortal life, our heart seems taxed bearing the weight.

Don’t worry, we all have to go through this phase. Challenges may be like returning visitor in our life. Testing us in all the possible ways, wanting us to wander, question our instincts, making us get lost.

Vicious Circle of Life

Look at a simple example of a vicious circle where different people in different phases of life are worried.
– A person is unhappy because he is jobless and is worried about getting a job
– A person who has a job is worried about money and security
– A person who has money is worried about its security and this insecurity is making him sick and unhappy.
We all somehow live in a materialistic vicious circle.

Everyone has their own mountain of challenges to conquer in life.

At My Lowest Ebb, I Wrote This

Writing is one such habit that I keep with myself everyday for 30 minutes. This helps me to put my thoughts and channelize it for being creative. I wrote this piece on a day when I felt low. Didn’t have the motivation to work towards my goal. Lethargy was creeping in, creating a writer’s block.

Don’t give up. Get up. Because after every dark night is a dawn.

Let’s find your reason to wake up. Bring in the hard work, the positive emotions to your world. The favorable reasons for your work and take out all the negativity in the blink of an eye.

Look in the mirror and feel proud about yourself. Spell this phrase,
“This pile of mountain is my challenge for my better future”

Let this be the reason behind the motivation.

Before you leave, understand the two most important days of your life

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