Bring Your Life Back

Have you ever drawn something from a train journey?
Like a lesson for the journey of your life?
With your chin resting on your hands,
Gazing at the city lights in the distant sight.
That wax and wane, dissolving behind the night sky.
Look at your reflection in the windowpane.

And look, as your mind drifts aimlessly,
Racing in a million directions, dipping in your past and future.
Amidst the chaos, the confusion, you notice
Your grey locks that flutter in the wind.
Taking a deep breath, just to find that you hardly cared about yourself.
For the first time you question yourself,
“I’m growing old, have I accomplished anything great?”

A voice pulls you back to your senses, dilating your pupils.
“You are growing wise and old.
Because you chose to be young, wild, and free.”
With your dreams, your choices, and your decisions.
Decisions that made you the real person,
Bringing the fate for yourself.

Your eyes speak a thousand words
Of the memories that picture in front of you.
Some rich, some successful, but where are you?
Chasing your dreams,
The thought brings a smile on your face,
While some misting your eyes,
Recalling a bittersweet time of your life.

The train slowly picks up speed,
With every revolution of the wheel,
Indicating the time running out of your​ life.
Sometimes the wheels change the tracks,
Telling you it’s better to change the track of your life.
Telling you nothing is permanent, nothing remains the same.
Your first step, your first breath, your first love.

Bring that smile back on your face.
Look where you were and where you stand right now.
Have you accomplished enough for this lifetime?
If no, then you better know what you need to do.
Do not let the precious moments slip by.
Don’t be the fire with empty flames,
Be the forest fire that rages in your soul,
For yourself, for your dreams.

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