Writing A Plot Is Photography

I’ve written and published a few plots now! If you have been a regular reader of The Scribbled Writings, you will name it as – Ananya series, or the Shravya + Vishal series.

And one question that I always hear from my readers is,

How to write compelling plots or stories?
Are they fictional or based out of personal experiences?

Well if these are your questions too, let me tell you, most of my write-ups are from own or known experiences. Putting myself in the role of the person who is experiencing the situations and writing a story around it. Sometimes the drive to write a plot is drawn from the nature around me – birds, friends, strangers, situations, things etc.

Writing a plot can be exciting. This is how I do – What do you see in this picture?

Mystic purple skies and blue waves rushing towards the shore. The breeze was carrying the fragrance of the salty sea.

And there I was, standing, waiting for a wave, a breeze that carried her name. Slowly the breeze sliding through the sleeves and sending you chills down the spine. I skimmed through the beach to find this frame.

Think about it – just the picture! Different people will have a different perspective.

Three people are sitting on the beach. The couple on the left, having a conversation with physical gestures. Seemed like annoyance, regret and hatred looming over their relationship. The person on the right appeared to be a person who has lost a loved one. Precisely, a possible future of the couple on the left. Or he seems like a person who is a writer looking for some inspiration to write a new story. Perhaps, he is just a nature seeker trying to enjoy his leisure time. Two different stories running in parallel.

This is just a phase of a story. And then you can build on a castle of stories, with characters, emotions and of course, great endings. Isn’t it interesting?

Writing plots are like blooming flowers. Every petal you unveil, brings a beautiful perspective to the complete flower.

And that will, in turn, give the next piece of the story. It can give you a new perspective to think beyond the monotonous storyline.

Share your thoughts on how you write a story.

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