“And I think it’s worth the wait,” she said, aiming her beautiful yet sharp eyes on him.

Looking at his flushed chubby cheeks after eight long months, she couldn’t stop bringing tears in her eyes. There was a sense of happiness and a pain that she wanted to share just with him. It was time for her responsible, strong shoulders to take a break. Awaiting for love to drive them together into a different universe. Her strong vocals had the melody that danced to the tunes of his thoughts. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips tightly with nothing to speak. All that happened was two heavy-hearted people speaking just with their heartbeats. Their hands found each other in the middle of the table. Their tentative fingertips traced ancient patterns along the tops of knuckles, grazing against fine hairs.

“Was it love?”, she asked him, with her cheeks comfortably leaning on his shoulders.

“Since eight years and forever,” he said dabbing the trickling tear from her eyes.


31 thoughts on “THE WAIT TO MEET HIM

  1. It’s so relatable … For everyone in long distance relationship … It beautifully represents the hard time and sense of peace and blessings when they overcome their hard time even though it is a short livied moments…. Great work… Can’t wait somemore of such kind of emotion .

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  2. Your writing is incredible.. With few words you just explained the whole scenario and the best part is that people can so easily relate to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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