The Hues of Life

Sunsets are a treat to watch, isn’t it? Watch it alone or with your loved ones, the experience itself is magical and soothing.

There’s a similarity between life and sunsets. 

Whenever you witness a setting sun, you see different shades of orange, as the fireball goes down the horizon in the west.

In the same way with life, we sometimes go aloof, shun from challenges, problems just by not approaching or being prepared for them.

Sometimes we never have a watch over actions or situations.

And think about this once – a situation never becomes a problem unless you are prepared for it. I’m not telling you to be a pessimist, but you got to balance it out practically.

Watch the sunset of your life. Watch the different hues of your problems, and wield it with a strong heart.

It will be mesmerizing just as the sunset that you watch. And later, when you look back to that old sunset, you knew this sunset too passed and you looked beautiful!

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