A Beautiful Mess

The autumn leaves rustled in the December breeze.
The dewy grass ran between my toes giving me mental peace.

Standing tall, hands wrapped around her arms,
She was more than just charm,

Her beauty lies in her eyes,
Her charm hides in disguise.

Just as a rising sun brings bliss,
Such is her presence, you would never want to miss.

She is delicate, she is gentle,
My thoughts stutter, disturbing my mental.

The slender nose, the crinkle on her face,
My heart skips a beat, sometimes picking up pace.

The dimple on her right cheek,
A quarter-inch deep, that I peek,

Whenever she flashes her smile,
Makes me want her more for more than just a while.

She caresses her tresses that drift in the gentle breeze,
And I go numb when she puts them behind her ear making me freeze.

I force myself reaching out, to ensure this is not a lie,
Dejected, I fall on my face, with a deep sigh!

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