Part Ways, Merge Again?

/ part ways, merge again /

Will you skip a heartbeat when you see me,

Miles away physically, can you still hear me?

Wish things were the same,

Been months, since I’ve heard my name.

Hurt persists in the midnight rain,

In that silent moment resides pain.

Every thought of you brings a smile,

Absence of you is the longest mile.

Will time machines exist,

Years from now,

Will then be just love, not war,

Hope not hate.

Fill this void with your memories,

Living the present writing your stories.

Consuming memories of a painful past,

Sugar coating with lessons for the future to last.

Looked back to see what’s left,

Two souls with happiness bereft.

Will parted ways merge again?

Just like the magical rainbow after a summer rain?

– Karthik

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