Infinite Dreams, Finite Days

/ infinite dreams, finite days /
Under the blue sky,
eyes pointed high,

We spoke about the infinite dreams,
time-traveled together by all means.

Your cheeks flushed in pink, 
my eyes filled with poetic ink.

The wind whistled,
and it drizzled.

Drenched in the summer evening, 
wet clothes with teeth chattering.

Warmth was in your gleaming eyes,
looking at them made me paralyze.

The breeze didn’t carry petrichor,
it was your fragrance, 
swooning me more.

Closed my eyes to believe the moment, 
just to find you disappear in torment.

It’s hard but true, 
giving you a cue,

Dreams are infinite, 
days are finite.

Live with love to your fullest, 
without regret, enough to take a bullet.


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