Love & Live

/ love & live /
Why are lessons learnt 
After hearts are burnt.

Why songs heard on loop, 
Reminds me just of you.

Holding on the memories of us, 
Living a soul with all the cuts.

Together we had a moment,
Parted now in torment.

A connected dream of two souls, 
Watching it fail, my heart with holes.

Hurt you was never in my foresight, 
I connect the dots, fail to get insight.

Let me get lost in you tonight, 
Breathe in as one till you are in sight.

As I close my eyes, 
You will be a world away.

Tears will be the price, 
For not being nice.

Back to the basics with all the grind, 
Trying to keep you out of my mind.

Doesn’t succeed, 
Even with weed.

Love and live,
But never leave.


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