Shravya + Vishal: The First Meet

Shravya + Vishal: The First Meet is the second part of the series
Click here to read the First Part – Shravya + Vishal: Timeless Love

All that Vishal experienced was unanswered calls and unread text messages. There was a feeling of disappointment, a cloud of skepticism about Shravya’s choice to meet him as he all the way he traveled back home. The city chaos felt like a brawl to him.

“This isn’t the first time she is doing this, but now I’m used to her behavior”, said Vishal in a grumpy tone to himself.

Vishal and Shravya were colleagues who shared the working space at ‘We Work’. We Work was an organization that provided office spaces for employees without an office setup. Both worked for different domains. Vishal handled the sales of a multi-national company and Shravya was an author who was researching about a new story.

They met each other in a dramatic way on a Friday evening. The room was dark and dead silent except for two screens constantly emitting electrons on either corner of the room. Any sound that resonated in that room was constant keystrokes and flexing of muscles after regular intervals.

Suddenly, Shravya hears a shrill of frustration from the other end. She takes a small peek from the sides of her screen to notice Vishal ramming the drawer of his work space with sheer power. This was followed by a yawn and stretch, rubbing his eyes which felt heavy and irritated.

“You alright?” asked Shravya pointing her eyes straight at Vishal.

“I’m okay. Thanks!” exclaimed Vishal. Shravya walked towards the coffee vending machine to offer Vishal some help.

“Hey I’m Shravya, an aspiring author” was the first statement Shravya spoke with Vishal.

“A writer? Seriously? Then you can be the right person to solve my problem” Vishal tilted his computer screen to Shravya asking for assistance. Vishal was stuck in convoluted email communication and was struggling to answer.

Shravya took a vacant chair and with all her intellect easily typed a few words wordsmithing Vishal’s email and made it ready to send.

“There you go, done and dusted!” Shravya blew some air on her red painted nails while sipping some coffee.

There was a digital silence as both their eyes met for the first time leading to ricochet of laughter and smiles brightening up the dark room. That was the first interaction, the spark to a new relationship between the two. The lonely whimsical writer with a coffee mug in her hand was about to find inspiration for her new book.

What happens next? Will this friendship pave way for something better?

Part 3: Shravya + Vishal – The Nameless Bond

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