Shravya + Vishal: Timeless Love

Have you ever felt that moment when you fight almost everything to spend your precious moment. Meeting the one whom you have been longing to spend some quality time. Well this story is about Shravya and Vishal.

Vishal had spent half his day running around in office to finish tasks at hand. Though being extremely tired, the smallest thought about Shravya’s curly tresses bouncing off rhythmically whenever she swayed her head sideways would cheer him up. A last minute plan to meet her and surprise her was in his mind.

“Shravya, it’s been a long time. Where have you been?” asked Vishal with excitement in his voice.

“I’m doing good. What a surprise!”, responded Shravya with a quiver in her voice. She was taken aback by Vishal’s voice.

“I would like to meet you tonight”, said Vishal with a dimple formed right across his right cheek.

“No No, why suddenly? I can’t come”, Shravya grabbed the soft toy sitting right next to her as she expressed her dissonance.

“It has been a long time and I wanted to discuss about you”, said Vishal.

However, Vishal was adamant and was eager on meeting Shravya. After a long time discussing, Shravya gathered the courage to say yes to meet Vishal. Having made a last minute plan, Shravya was a bit nervous. Though excitement was running down her spine, there was a sense of discomfort that pulled her back.

Shravya was one of the introvert souls who would think twice before meeting anyone. Shravya applied the deep black kohl on her eyes and the favorite perfume that would wrap around her body for eons.

With just thoughts about Shravya, Vishal jumped on his bike and accelerated his way through the traffic, sneaking through the nooks and corners of the busy streets. All he heard was the Breaking Benjamin song and the smile on Shravya’s face. His face was tied with the memories of Shravya. He was tracing her face with a grim amidst the city’s chaos.

All his happiness went for a toss when he called Shravya a mile before reaching her house. Vishal dialed Shravya how long will she take to reach.

Will Shravya meet Vishal? What might have happened to Shravya? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Part 2: Shravya + Vishal – The First Meet

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