Devote Time & Dare To Follow Your Dreams


Being born in the 90s and in a South Indian family, education was termed superior over sports and arts. Having said that, my dreams always narrowed down to a few with calligraphy, reading, writing, being a part of literary clubs in school and aiming for superior education. I wanted to be multi-talented. I wanted to be a part of sports. However, I didn’t have that mental and physical support to be advised that consistency was the key and failure was a part of it while chasing your dreams. I was never consistent with my dreams, couldn’t choose and stick with one. Whenever I did try, failure was lurking around the corner to prove me wrong, that I could succeed.


A small injury when I was 13, stopped me from playing football. Although the magnitude of the injury was way below the love and passion for the sport. I started kicking the ball again when I was 18. I carried on with the sport for 9 years, played for with the folks in the National Defence Academy, participated in the Inter-state Football Competitions organized by MIT, Pune. As years passed, responsibilities multiplied so did challenges, however, time didn’t. I was stuck in a 9 to 5 job that I did for 24 days every month. I did try my best to stay in harmony with the sport, played for two corporate leagues. However, couldn’t devote much needed time.

I always had this feeling that I can’t juggle my life with dreams in one hand and family on the other. Others were doing it in style, however, I couldn’t. When I was 23, I was gifted a guitar by my family. Another dream crept in – to be better in music and turn it as a vocation. I believe it’s in my hormones to be the best in a chosen hobby. The spirit of learning always burnt brightly within me. I still play the guitar but with a mood swing.


By the time I turned 25, writing and photography had become a part of my daily life. Back then, I was using a Samsung Corby Pro. For the first time, I had won a Mobile Photography Competition organized by Pune Instagrammers. Slowly with one step a time, I took photography seriously, saved enough to invest in a One Plus X Mini phone. Additionally, with writing, my daily experiences had become blogs for handpicked readers. Gradually the love and passion for these two hobbies were slowly converting into my primary source of bread and butter. I loved it.

Travel was a soul-search for me. Every once or twice a quarter, I paired up with a couple of my friends, trekked mountain tops while hanging on with photography and blogging. Gradually, I learned great editing was a part of better photography and started connecting with like-minded content creators on Instagram. Instagram had become a much-needed platform for learning and showcasing skills.


And here I’m in front of you, hustling every day to become better at what I am. And I’m happier. Not because of the growth, just because I could share things with you that are most crucial in life. Time is essential to everything that you want to accomplish in life – it can be a hobby, dream, career or relationships! Life will test you to the core, just to break you down with people and things that you love. But here is the key – Consistency! It is a feeling that wakes you up, keeps you going in the long run.

It took me a long time to make me realize things that I love the most. Writing, photography, traveling, running and music creates value in me. Over and above my family. My soul is within the small valuable posts I write, the candid pictures that I click, the longest mile that I run, the pain required to reach the zenith and the favorite music that I strum. I might not be perfect, but I still love the process of learning. I love it to the core. And you don’t have to sacrifice your closest people for the dreams that you want to accomplish and dream! Because the joy is in carrying them together not keeping them in isolation.


You may fail in a couple of things – that doesn’t mean that you aren’t meant for it. Everyone is trained differently. Some are born talented, others might work their asses to reach that level. Take these failures as stepping stones, as a benchmark for prosperity.

Devote Time and Dare to Follow Your Dreams!

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