Replica of You, Dad



I remember you tousle my hair.
Pulling my cheeks, pecking my forehead.

I remember you taking me to the school,
holding my little index finger.

I remember you dusting my hands,
Comforting me with confidence whenever I fell on my face.

I remember your strong tap on my shoulder and call me a hero,
at times of failure.

I remember you holding me in your arms,
as you woke me up for my early morning school.

I remember you feed me a morsel of sambar rice,
Whenever I was sleepy.

I remember you hug me, whenever I was scared.
I remember you yell at me, just to teach me differentiate what’s good and what’s bad.

I remember you till the age of 6.
I remember you in that ICU room, with amputated legs, struggling to breathe.

I remember you holding my fingers, with eyes filled with tears.
I remember you fighting hard to stay alive.

I remember now, you were a true hero.
I remember every single memory, whenever I look at your picture inside my wallet.

I am a replica of you, DAD.

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