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Have you ever experienced difficult times before success? Or has there been challenges just to find that you are locked out with no signs of success ahead? If your answer is yes to either of the two, read ahead.

Goals can be easy, petty yet important to you. It can be following a strict diet to stay healthy, it can be fighting hard for the body you crave to have, working hard to get that dream job or getting a skill that you don’t possess, or learning a new hobby.

Challenges, struggles, obstacles, hardships, tough times are elements you should embrace just before success, victory, goals, and achievements. We all are human. Engulfed by commitments, emotions, relationships and our personal goals. I totally believe, there are moments where you can’t stay motivated all the time.


Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it. There is no clear understanding of the WHY you do it. Such are moments when you should hold yourself back. This is the time you should be putting your foot on the gas and relentlessly be consistent.

It’s easy to lose, easy to get lost in this world of criticism and negativity. It’s easy to say let today be an exception, I’ll start from tomorrow. I know doing the same thing will suck.

If it didn’t suck, then possibly everyone would have done it by now. When something sucks, you should push through, enjoying the pain and challenges and grow through success.

You will be known and rewarded just for the work that you have done and not for the promises that you make. And whatever you try to accomplish, start and don’t stop until you complete it, no longer how long it takes. Because the joy of accomplishment is compounded by the amount of hardships and pain that you encounter.

Everyday is a new beginning. A new start, a new reason to be closer to things that you need to achieve. So reset, and take the leap of faith coupled with hard work and trust.



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