Mumbai Maketh Me | The Scribbled Writings

You are an epitome
Of our past and present.
Your future
bestowed on us.
Witnessing India and its people,
From being colonized to taking a breath of freedom.
You have seen the blood spilled,
By the brave for the innocent,
By the heinous for their inhuman thoughts.
From the disasters of natural calamity,
To the man made cruel bomb blasts.
Amongst all,
you have stood tall and strong.
Being an inspiration,
Illuminating the fire of spirit,
amongst us.
Embracing every element,
You elicit both fear and fascination.
I look towards you,
And it’s a nostalgia rush.
Of history, love, hope and a reason.
You are a reason for millions,
That after a dark night is a rising sun.
Making us live and survive,
With every passing day.
I am you. You are me!

– Karthik

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